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About the Show

Welcome to 1st Things First.

This show is for those who believe YOU are the most important person in your life, those of you who are interested in putting yourself first and getting better.

1st Things First introduces you to the movers and shakers out there, entrepreneurs that are kicking butt and taking names,  and all the folks that truly motivate us!

There’s one catch: on 1st Things First, there isn’t very much talking about the “hard work & clean living”,  or all that “no pain, no gain” stuff.

On this show, you get to to hear about the real behind the scenes stuff.

Host Ches Bostick encourages guests to speak from the heart and share the inside stories about themselves and reveal what makes them tick.

Meet Your Host


Host of 1st Things First

Ches Bostick has 22 years of experience in the insurance claims adjusting industry. He began his career in 1997 working with major insurance carriers as an independent insurance claims adjuster. He now has first-hand knowledge of the insurance claims handling practices of insurance companies. He has handled thousands of insurance claims across the country. Loss types include wind, hail, water, mold, fire, tornado, hurricanes, flood, earthquake, sewer back-up, ice damming, lightning, foundation, loss of use and business interruption. He was a “preferred adjuster” on independent insurance adjuster rosters and his services were requested by major insurance companies, to handle large volumes of residential and commercial property damage losses. Mr. Bostick has worked extensively with upper level management of major insurance carriers and managed teams of insurance claim adjusters.

He is an expert at negotiating, estimating, and consulting for commercial and residential property damage insurance claims. His extensive knowledge in in both commercial and residential construction enable him to confidently and effectively assist clients in achieving the best results for their insurance claims. His faith, dedication, determination and work ethic make up his commitment to help Abba Claims Consultants clients navigate the insurance claims process and the stressful times to achieve the bests results and a successful outcome.

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